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"Being a paper company, we strive extra hard to keep our footprint small."

Tay Ham

Hand-illustrated greeting cards and prints
North Carolina, USA
  • Greeting Cards
  • Stationery
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When Tay Ham started, I had just quit my job in the film industry. I wanted to do something creative for myself where I had complete control of my days. I have been hand-making cards for my friends and family since I could hold a pencil. Honestly, I just winged it and started an Etsy shop., and it took on a life of its own fairly quickly!

Most of all, I love color and words. A certain shade in a plant can inspire me, a curl in someone's hair, or even a phrase I want to use will set a new card in motion. Of course, pop culture is also a big part of it all. I am the only illustrator for Tay Ham, which helps my brand a lot. We also have a special flipside on the back of the cards, using old photos of my friends and family. We try to use them in everything we can, since it's unique only to us and helps us to stand out.

Being a paper company, we strive extra hard to keep our footprint small. Our cards, envelopes and packaging are all made from 100% recycled materials. We are also a ‘Made in the USA’ company and almost everything comes from our home state, North Carolina. Maintaining that can be difficult sometimes, but we make it work!

We chose noissue because of the quality and eco-friendly nature of the business. We are using our flipsides as the graphics for the tissue paper. Seeing those family photos when they first open the box reminds remind our customers that this is a small, fun, happy business.