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Side by Side: Eco-Conscious EDC for the Busy and Always On-the-Go

"Inspired by today’s digital nomad, we make products that are smart and functional to help streamline any journey, from daily commute to long-haul travels." Antoine, founder and CEO of Side by Side

Mr. Plum's Thoughtful Silk Scarves: Wearable Masterpieces

"I want to create a positive alternative in a sea of mass-production – to make individuals consciously think about the number of times they make a purchase vs the amount of wears they have per purchase," Becky, founder of Mr Plum


A charming Thank You card is always a nice surprise to receive. 🎉🎉🎉 This noissue Card is designed by the talented @theforestmori to go with every Neko/Tako purchase. 🐱🐙 So Kawaii! ✨


Love how @mypaletta's logo sticker stands out against the noissue Mailer! 🍃🍃 What a great way to show off some branding and company values! A big thank you to brands that are doing their best to choose sustainable shipping supplies. 👏👏


You can never go wrong with a bold color combination like this custom noissue tissue from @theforestmori. 🤩🤩 A splash of tangerine on an indigo colored background really makes the illustrations pop. 🧡💜 #SmallBizTip: Authenticity is key for your brand, so use this time to be more interactive with your audience on social media. Host an AMA, or offer advice in your field of specialization.